The Shift of Time and Energy!

life unleased

Not surprising to me at all, I was not able to see the field yesterday, well, not while trying to look directly at it thru readings.  I could see, however, thru what I call my peripheral vision, (sitting on the couch pondering lol) tons and tons of golden magnetic flecks of energy floating around the field.  I had two ladies on my dance card yesterday in Australia, in what is now today’s dateline.  Sometimes, I can see them because they are out of the energy influx.  I couldn’t as my team said, for my own safety.  However, shortly before their connections, as I was peeping the field from my couch, my first one produced an interesting visual, I didn’t understand it at all yesterday and connecting to her didn’t provide information.  This morning tho, I get it.

It was 4am on the 9th in her world yesterday when we met…

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